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High Bridge Books helps authors turn their books into platforms for changing the world.

Based on our experience in the publishing industry, 100% of publishing a book can be summarized in one word: MARKETING! Our services include…

  • Fundraising for authors – We’ll lead you through a fundraising campaign that will help raise money for publishing your book, acquire pre-sales, and generate promotional “buzz” before your book is released.
  • Book editing – Who is the audience that you want to target? Is your message organized, clear, and concise? Does the content of your book flow? Our in-house expert editing team will help you sharpen your message.
  • Book production – People do judge books by their covers. To effectively market your ideas, you need a well-packaged product. We can assist with book cover design, text layout and design, indexing, printing, and more.
  • Book distribution – Your books won’t change anyone’s life while sitting in your closet. You need to get them into the major book distribution systems to get them on retailers’ bookshelves. We’re here to help!
  • Book promotion – 10% of the book marketing challenge is writing, production, and distribution. The other 90% of the challenge is motivating people to purchase and read it! In order to do this, you need a solid book marketing plan.

If we select your manuscript for publication, High Bridge Books will help you with all of the above and more.

High Bridge Books is neither a “traditional” publishing company, nor are we a “self-publishing” company. Instead, we offer a combination of fee-based and royalty-based publishing packages. As the book publishing landscape has been changing radically over the past few years (i.e. print-on-demand, e-publishing, niche-focused publishing,, the decline of “traditional” publishers, etc.), we believe this is the right model for serving today’s Christian authors.

If you are interested in publishing with High Bridge Books, please contact us today.